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1 day ago
Nood Food Ongoing Review

Short and sweet. Dish, verdict, done. For me, Nood is usually a hit or miss.

I tend to drop by Nood regularly because I do yoga are Pure and it’s easy… plus I don’t know where else to get healthy food on the go in Hong Kong sometimes.

Blue Dreams : 

Watery. Tastes like ice. Shite. So disappointing since the description is so promising.

Raw Coconut Water, Blueberries*, Coconut Pulp, Coconut Palm…

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6 days ago
The best place to park your junkboat in Hong Kong : Sai Kung’s Ninepin Island Group
© Maximilian DL

© Maximilian DL – From last Sunday’s junkboat trip

Summer’s not over yet, folks! And believe it or not, this was my first junk of the year. And one of the best I’ve had in Hong Kong! A huge factor was the environment – our boat was parked in the best waters I have ever seen here.

Chu chu aquático by Maximilian DL

Chu chu aquático by the handsome Maximilian DL

The water was pollution-free, there was no more than 3 boats around us…

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1 week ago
Review: Disney Haunted Halloween 2014

Review: Disney Haunted Halloween 2014

Disney Haunted Halloween_Sideshow Carnival Extraordinaire

Last week I got invited to a press preview of Disney’s HAUNTED HALLOWEEN 2014.


I wasn’t expecting very much given last year’s experience, after which I concluded that Disney’s Halloween celebrations are much too kiddie for me.

Disney Halloween 2013

Hong Kong Disney Halloween 2013

But it was actually better than I expected. Although I would still recommend the Hong Kong Disney Halloween for families rather than for…

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2 weeks ago
Holiday to North Korea, anyone?

Holiday to North Korea, anyone?


Not for me, thanks. But just in case you did, I got this in my Inbox today:

Destinia, first online travel agency to offer flights on the state-owned airline of North Korea


Exclusive booking of flights from Pyongyang to Shenyang, Vladivostok and Beijing on Air Koryo – all the rogue states, basically.

Destiniajust closed an agreement to become the first online agency in the world to offer flights…

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3 weeks ago
Macau Tower Jump: Would you do it?

Macau Tower Jump: Would you do it?





Here’s a post to celebrate FEARLESS FRIDAYS!!


my fearful face


Once upon a time I promised someone in a letter that I would do the Macau Tower jump with him. I never thought that day would come, but it did.


Actually, I cheated. I went all the way up there and chickened out of the Bungy, so instead I did the Skyjump which meant I was just lowered down from the top.

team tower…

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1 month ago
Dutch Path: Short and easy “hike” or nature walk in Central/Admiralty

Dutch Path: Short and easy “hike” or nature walk in Central/Admiralty


Distance: 1.8km (but you can carry on towards other paths/trails if you want)

I bet you haven’t heard of it. Well, at least I didn’t until last weekend when I decided I wanted to go for a walk but nothing too long. Nowadays Hong Kong is too hot for anything strenuous. Still I wanted to get out of the city even just for half an hour, without having to take public transportation.

So what did I do?…

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1 month ago
Save Bowen Road - Sign this petition!

Save Bowen Road – Sign this petition!

I have yet to write an entry about my go-to jogging trail in Hong Kong – Bowen Road. But that’s because everyone already knows about it. Even in the summer, when you think it’s too hot to run, Bowen Road’s leafy surroundings halfway up the mountain on Mid-Levels gives a cooler respite from other options (seriously, jogging along the Central Harbourfront is a horrible experience – ferry exhaust +…

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1 month ago
"I Love Malaysian Food" Contest - Win a free trip to Malaysia

“I Love Malaysian Food” Contest – Win a free trip to Malaysia


All this month, my office is partnering with the Malaysian Kitchen Programme, Tourism Malaysia, etc. for the “I Love Malaysian Food” Contest with loads of prizes up for grabs including:

  • A FREE TRIP TO MALAYSIA (airfare + accommodation)
  • A relaxing staycation at TRADERS HOTEL Hong Kong
  • Free dinners in participating Hong Kong restaurants

…and more!

I thought I’d share it here because I don’t think…

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1 month ago
Real Stories: Brits Moving to Hong Kong

Real Stories: Brits Moving to Hong Kong

James Collins, 33, Engineering Geologist from London
James Collins, 33, Engineering Geologist from London

James Collins, 33, Engineering Geologist from London

Most of the expats that I have met in Hong Kong have a ‘work hard – play hard’ attitude. Although after a couple of years here, the ‘play hard’ part of that ethos seems to fade a little, and activities like hiking, water sports, and more outdoor activities tend to get a little more priority. Having said that, there are the guys who have been…

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2 months ago
Running: Quarry Bay Promenade

Running: Quarry Bay Promenade



Where I ran: Quarry Bay Promenade

Length: 1.8km – if you go back and forth 3.6km

Why I like it: 

✓ Fresher air than at my usual haunt, on the Central Piers to Admiralry/Wan Chai from Discovery Bay Pier.

✓ A Pet garden with cute dogs running around!

✓ More space

✓ Relaxed vibe

How to get there: Walk from either the Quarry Bay, Tai Koo, or Sai Wan Ho MTR Station. Just head…

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